[jdr avec cartes-à venir] Vous répondez aux requêtes ignorées par vos collègues
A short one-player game with a multiplayer option
that's how it is [symptoms, neurodiversity, care]
[october: 1 idea per day] "ttrpg inktober"

✎ angela quidam's art packs

✉ angela quidam's solo-ttrpg

∞ angela quidam's (experimental?) games and things

♞ some layouts or translations i've done for cool games

→ french + english games

short serious solo games i liked

short ; narrative ; about serious subjects like social conflicts or about personnality or being oneself

short readings i recommend

short cool games i recommand

tabletop roleplaying games, interactive fiction, or any short video games

inspiring games or cool prototypes

[generator] ttrpg worldbuilding / characters