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You can also find me on other zines (e.g. Crossroad Chronicler & Codex Hell 2 on DrivethruRPG)

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makes me happy to know you liked (and used!) my art packs

short serious solo games i liked

short ; narrative ; about serious subjects like social conflicts or about personnality or being oneself

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[generator] TTRPG worldbuilding / characters

The Hermits Club: all solo TTRPGs and LARPs on

List of all solo tabletop roleplaying games on, and also some game poems and larps (live action roleplaying games) or semi-larps. Please tell me if you want to collaborate on this collection, to complete it together! Join the hermit...

Club d'ermites (jdr solo VF)

Les jeux et expériences en français de la liste Hermits Club (liste multilingue de tous les JdR et LARP/GN solo présents sur itch). Vous pouvez m'envoyer un message pour que je vous invite à collaborer sur la mise à jour de cette liste...