Paper minis released!

Paper minis sheet released!

I released these paper miniatures this morning for the jam. You can print, fold and cut them to use it in your next game! 

I recommand thick paper but it's also ok with usual paper. Use the method of your choice to make them stand up (as you can see in pictures I prefer tiny drawing/paper clips but you could even push each miniature in a potato it will stand up!)

"art pack" folder soon!

Needed to publish it today for the jam. A folder with individual files will be uploaded later in the week (as an "art pack"). I'll also edit the page and the presentation image to improve it! 

have a nice day


angela-quidam-PaperMinis Legged.pdf 2 MB
Aug 09, 2021

Get art pack/paper minis: legged without shoes

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