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do you remember my Weirdo neighboor I talked to you few time ago? Yeah this one who was looking for people who "know who they are", when this person wouldn't tell us their name neither put it on mailbox. This one who told us that their recorder was haunted because of something they tried to record.
Let's call this person "W" ok? I haven't seen W. in a while and I was worried. Weird person but not a bad one (I think?). Door was open and I found all this stuff in a little cardboard box.

The pictures have just been developed, I'm sending you this because I know you found it interesting (or funny, can't remember). I also took a picture of the note W. left on the town hall sign. I'm sorry the photo printing company wasn't able to develop the pictures of the camera I found in the box and they couldn't help me with the hard drive either (it looks broken).
Anyway conspiracy theorists are funny but it's worrying when a person disappears… I reported the disappearance to the police but they told me it's an adult and that I have no family relationship with. I didn't tell them about the little box, I don't want to be laughed at or asked where the diskettes came from.
See ya soon, will come to visit you on next month.


That's a jam submission

These artifacts are all under Comrades License Agreement (CCLA 0.3). These artifacts were created for the Artifacts of Horror Jam. Together all jam entries, the artifacts, will be gathered to make the solo game. Check the jam page for updates about the game.


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Authordan qui dam
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PS: Please let me know if "crazy" is a bad chosen word in my picture, I don't want to be sanist I just thought it could be OK in this context (the "Weirdo/Crazy" is nicknamed so by other people when this person was really investigating on true but weird-horrific events).
These artifacts are all under Creative Comrades License Agreement (CCLA 0.3 – https://creativecomrades.org/).
& if you like what I do, want to support me or are curious, feel free to look at my itchio page – I'm fond of solo games and weird stuff, I also do comic/strip-style art: angela-quidam.itch.io

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