A journaling fungaling game totally writen at nights. Inspired by 3 game jams.

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 Fun-fun-gus! prompts

Use one of these prompts when at least one of the family cards drawn is infected. This list is unordered: choose the prompts at random, or according to your inspiration or according to the last card drawn.

You can use the same prompt twice maximum - make a stroke and then a check mark.

  • You are passionately in love with the recipient of this letter. Why does your health force you to write a letter to them rather than visiting them?
  • Your closest friend is no longer speaking to you. Why do you deposit your heavy secret in the post office box, without adding an addressee to your envelope?
  • What product or miracle cure are you trying to order, without mentioning the name, by sending this mail?
  • Symbols appeared on your blistered skin. You drew them on paper and mailed them. Who did you send them to?
  • You're scared. What will happen next? Your head echoes with unfamiliar sounds. You think it's your last letter, and you ask for forgiveness from the person you've neglected for so long.
  • You walked, limping, to the post office box, tore out a page from your personal diary, burned the paper with your lighter and threw it – still burning – into the box. What was on that page?
  • You think there's a danger waiting and that it might infect the whole region. Despite the growing rigidity of your fingers, you write to warn the national press.

 No-Fungus-no-Fun? prompts

Use one of these prompts when nobody in the drawn family cards is infected. This list is unordered: choose the prompts at random, or according to your inspiration or according to the last card drawn.

You can use the same prompt twice maximum - make a stroke and then a check mark.

  • You remember your last year's summer holidays. It was cold in the village. Which trip were you dreaming of? Is your letter to an old friend “over there” or is it a “bottle to the sea” letter?
  • This person has disappointed you but you continue to write to them. Why do you continue? What do you still have to say to them?
  • You can only confide in the recipient of this letter. Why do you still not trust the people living in the village?
  • For the past few days, you've been unable to sleep. You have been sleeping like a log since you were a child. What's causing you anxiety?
  • You no longer understand your best friend. You grew up together in this village. What changes have you noticed in them? To which of your friends from afar have you decided to confide your fears?
  • You no longer feel at home in this village where you grew up. What has changed here?
  • You feel observed. You suspect someone in the village. Why do you think they're watching your every move?


You prepare yourself mentally by connecting your mind to that bolt that comes from the mailbox. You feel the peaceful atmosphere of an uneventful village. Then… your mind is drawn to something. Disturbance.


You'll need 7-families cardgame deck and writing materials. ("Real" writing materials, with paper and stuff, it's about letter-writing). You'll divise your deck into 5 stacks: 4 small with only 4 cards are Nocturne piles; the latest stack is the big Daytime pile.

Content Warnings

Potential body horror. Illness. Loss of control.

Currently text-only • no art yet

Falling asleep while doodling the cover. Will continue drawing doodling on next nights. Game is playable, I can assure you I playtested many different versions of 7-families (trying to hack it by making it an Osmosis game). Playable but not sure my explanations are clear. I'll proofread it in the daytime if I wake up still being human.

Also I'm sorry I use titles in Goodle Doc but it doesn't export anything in the PDF. I hate Google more than yestrday now.

Alpha jam version

alpha version for the Mushroom Jam X the Insomnia Bizarro Journaling Jam X also inspired by the dead letters jam. Writen on phone memo notes, at nights mixing French and English. Playtested at nights then cleaned (at night too) on Google Doc, sorry. Translated at night of course. Published on itchio on 2022.12.01

Comments open. Good nights my psychic friends!

StatusIn development
CategoryPhysical game
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Authordan qui dam
Average sessionA few seconds
LanguagesEnglish, French


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This is beautiful. Every stage (the introduction, every chapter and the prompts) adds depth to the atmosphere and evocates a precise moment and mood for you to write about.

I love the concept of reutilizing a game as another with whole new mechanics and vibes, as I have been playing around the idea of making a narrative game using Quirkle. I didn't know about 7-Families before and you're making such a good use of the categories the card game already has that it blew my mind!

Rest assured your explanation is clear as I understood what to do at every step. I'll be definitely playing it soon.


I'm adding this on another comment so you can delete it if you want to, as it may relate to things you already edited:

-While reading the document I struggled understanding how to divide the deck into Daytime and Nocturne piles, but when I re-read your description on the itch page (under REQUIRES) it was crystal clear!

-The text below No-Fungus-no-Fun? prompts repeats the condition of the other type of prompts (Use one of these prompts when at least one of the family cards drawn is infected). It's still understandable because the document clearly explains when to answer each type of prompt under Drawing cards.

This doesn't looks like an alpha, this is so neat! I'm so in love with your game 🍄❤️


Thanks a lot for your nice words!! 💖

I think I already heard about quirkle but can't remember what this is, I never played to this as a kid (will check that this evening!). But 7-families is a classical kids cardgame here in France thus I guess it's all cultural.

Thanks also for this 2nd comment! Forgeting or deleting sentences is a big risk when translating (and wildly cut and past paragraphs) at nights with a tired brain! I'll correct the text soon at least in the itchio page prompts!

Hope you'll have fun(gus) playing my game! 😄


Will do, haha! 💜

And while I'm admiring how you made such an impeccable work with a tired brain (I could never), I hope you have some nice quality night rest and take care! It's always a pleasure to read your games and zines 😄

wow thanks a lot ♥ You'll make me blush! or maybe I'm turning red because of this mushroom I ate…