This is not at all what I wanted to do for this game jam. Whatever this is still me.

The English text I wrote isn't interesting so I won't copy/paste here or in a text file. But background text is interesting so I recommand you to look at Carol J Adams' SPOM book on

It's about western society and intersectionnality. If you claim yourself "feminist"  you should also be trying to understand and think about (and act against) the way Western societies consider non-human animals (as objects to create, use and abuse and destroy). You should also consider this if you act for environmental activism and social justice issues, for other reasons.

As I know you're all cool people here on itchio, you could be interested in some open source stuff so here are my fav font websites:

  • – OSP is for Open Source Publishing, graphic designers using free and open source softwares and creating some cool fonts;
  • – VTF is for Velvetyne Type Foundry, gathering various free and open source typefaces designed by graphic designers and typographers ;
  • – Font Squirrel is a great website if you're looking for any sort of font with various open or permissive licenses.

Please read about authors and licenses when you download a font or any resource. Please always credit them. If you want to support people, support them or creative ones in hardship (hey, I am one and you can look at other stuff I released on my itchio page) or support some cool associations like Altervita, a sanctuary that saves many non-human animals from the slaughterhouse or another death (based in France). Altervita is one of the associations I often support but can't financially support as much as I would like to.

Also, if you want to upload online this kind of zine, readable in navigator, you can save your pages as 8 or 16 PNG files, then download the HTML5 Reader version 20.4 by, add your PNG files in this folder you just downloaded, compress it as a ZIP and finally upload it on itchio. And that's cool.

By the way here are the two videos I spoke about in the zine (unfortunately available only on youtube, no choice)

  1. First one is "Tester des casques" (testing helmets), a song by the French humoristic band Parpaing Papier;
  2. Second one is a video showing great vegan athletes with motivational song by the lyricist Gaiasi/Gaya's Eye (no shocking content in this video, only muscular human bodies)

Be nice to anyone, don't hurt them, take care.

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