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Rolistober : Sur la même idée que l'inktober annuel (défi de réaliser un croquis par jour pendant le mois d'octobre), Gobelinounours propose de lancer le rolistober: 1 texte, dessin, ou autre, lié au JDR (monstre, lieu, PJ...) chaque jour! (voir les tweets #rolistober2019 d'octobre).

Un dossier .ZIP contenant tous les croquis est disponible. Les textes (idées) sont disponibles sur la page ci-dessous. Soyez libre de développer une des idées si elle vous inspire! Je place les croquis sous licence non-commerciale Creative Commons (cc-by-nc) et les textes dans le domaine public, je serais ravie de voir ce que vous en faites !

Rolistober : Same idea than Inktober but for tabletop roleplaying games: 1 text, drawing, prompt, monster, place, NPC..... per day! So it's same idea than the #interactiveinktober
Rolistober is an idea by @Sebhaller. (rôliste means "ttrpg player" in french)

A .ZIP folder with all sketches is available. All my October ideas (texts) are available below on this itch.io page. You're free to use one of my ideas if it inspires you! I released my sketches under a non-commercial creative commons license (cc-by-nc) and my texts under a public domain license. I should be glad to see what you could create with it!

01. RING


→ need a six-sided dice (D6) and a deck of standard cards

You're a surnatural creature, stuck in:

  1. a well
  2. a dream
  3. a phone
  4. a picture
  5. a jewellery
  6. a lamp

A human has just temporary freed you. You have 7 days to succeed in freeing yourself forever (draw 7 cards and describe how you fail or succeed each day)

  • number: you failed
  • figure: you succeed...
    • ♥ YES !
    • ♦ Yes but...
    • ♣ just barely... and you fail elsewhere
    • ♠ OH NO, you fail at the last moment


Tickles the dragon

→ need a coin or a dice

Use a short game (less than 20 min.) and, before each decision or action your character is doing (or yourself irl if you're not doing something dangerous), flip the coin or roll a dice:

  • heads (or even) you'll try to act as stupidly as possible
  • tails (or odd) you act normally but you explain what you do in the most intelligent way possible


The screaming carrot

object or monster (I don't know what it is so do whatever you want with it)

illustration under cc-by-nc-sa so if you want a weird carrot, you got it!
Where does the idea came from? From the idiom "carrot or stick" and the sentence I've already heard : "vegetables suffer". Ahah.


The frozen one

solo game poem

She was here. Frozen. For thousands of years. She was feeling the end coming. On several occasions, a gleam of hope had appeared when she was hearing a group of adventurers approaching her frozen prison... but the group would leave every time, without even trying to free her. After all, who would try to free what is considered to be a monster? However, she was quite harmless but... probably too different.

→ Register while you're talking. Keep the first shot. That's a role to play once a year, for a few moments.

You have noticed that they come to visit you once a year, always on the same day: what's this date (today)? On this date, you can try to listen to your visitors. You only hear fragments of sentences. Maybe even just syllables.

Take a watch or something to count the seconds.

Start the audio recording.

Draw a Dixit card (if you don't have one, look at the first illustration you see), say what words it evokes to you. Don't think about what you are going to say, don't try to build sentences if they don't come by themselves, don't try to fill in the blanks or silences, don't try to give meaning to your thoughts if they don't have any.

Turn off the recording after 30 seconds. Even if it cuts while you're saying a word.
You have once again fallen into crystalline lethargy.

(Listen to the recording again. Write it down on your computer, and send it to you by email, one year in the future)

Play again in one year, then the next year, and the year after that... until you learn enough about yourself and your visitors to find a way to free yourself. If that's what you still want after all this time.

The year you succeed in coming out of lethargy, when your visitors free you, or when you find another solution to your condition, you "win".

You can listen to the recording at any time, but don't delete it if you haven't sent yourself an email in the future.

Keep it carefully. It's a captured moment: the one where you have lived for a few heartbeats.
Play only once a year.

Between each "awakening", you have so many things to do, other games to play...
Keep your lethargic state in a corner of your mind. And wake up again in a year. Not before. Who will you be then?

Will you learn new things by listening to your visitors next year?

Get some rest while waiting for the answers to these questions.


Trapped in the building

"solo-semi-LARP" → need dominoes (or 12d6 grouped in pairs)

You can no longer leave the building you are in. Buil your exit door. Take randomly 6 dominoes. If all numbers follow one another, you can escape. If 3 to 5 dominoes follow each other, you can escape but you have to leave in the building something of value (value according to you). If only 2 dominoes are following each other... you can't leave but you can send one last message. If no dominoes follow one another, you become the building.


You heard an husky scream,

& you see a creature that seems to be in pain.

solo ttrpg or scenario idea

prompt to give you some ideas: Maybe this creature is lost, hurt or under attack? Maybe it/she's afraid of the dark or loneliness? Can you communicate with her? Is she aggressive? How will you react if she is not aggressive but if her scream is unsustainable to you?

If you want to play solo, here is a ttrpg idea: think about the last time you felt bad (mentally or physically). Where were you? This creature is in this place. Write (or tell) what you would have liked to hear at that time... Today, this has no effect: she continues to scream but... Launch a coin every day for 3 days:

  • tails, the creature is grateful to you,
    • tails on the 2nd time, it binds to you,
    • 3rd time, she will be able to do you a favor in your next jdr
  • face, she isolates herself
    • face on the 2nd time, she becomes menacing and you prefer to run away,
    • 3rd time, you'll see her again in your next ttrpg game, she'll be screaming again..


being pleased to meet yourself

solo writing game, inspired by Obligation free
First, write down what you consider to be your failings/vices. (if you're uncomfortable with this experience, play this game by playing a fictional character)
Then, write in front of each failing a positive memory related to the failing in question. If you don't remember a positive memory, write down how you could change this "failing" (or how you could see it in a positive way)

Destroy the "failing" list.

Keep the "hope" list in your pocket.

*you can find a business-sized printable version of this micro-game, gathering four ideas (days 7, 14, 20 & 30) here. Free copies are available.


make a connection

It's your first day in a new place. You're in charge of bringing freshness in this cultural and associative place. This place has the goal to create link between people, based on various activities (music, art, dance...) but people stay in small closed groups. They don't talk to other groups, they stay in their activity. You're like the Super-Mediator and you got the ability to create anything you want. How do you create the connection?


if you're a kid...

you're trapped

If the last character you played in a ttrpg was a kid: you can't resist the urge to sit down on the swing.

It's hold by a creature, what can then happen?


today, you're a cultist

→ 1d6

pattern can be translated to model... so, if you want to follow a model, I suggest you to become a cultist :

What you adore is:

  1. very ancient
  2. blue
  3. a joke from your distant son's brother-in-law
  4. the book closest to you physically
  5. a word beginning with the third letter of your first name
  6. non-representable

When you ask Him/Her/Them for something:
1-2. you get an answer and then you can act
3-4. you get an unclear answer and you need to consult another cultist (or convert someone to ask Them for the answer to your question)
5-6. No answer this time, you don't act, the doubt remains until tomorrow


white as snow?

I'm a stray knight, I'm a broken face. Francis*, the doctor, gave me one of his masks. It hides my broken face.

→ Do you want them to look as white as snow? Who are they? What does your mask represent?

*in reference to the sculptor Francis Wood who created masks the scars of the broken faces of the First World War


missing dragon friend

You follow your dragon friend's footprints, then you see him cornered by an armed individual. Can you convince him to put the weapon down, without speaking his language? How do you do that?


burning out

→ 2d6

Suffering from pyrocandrism, he left ashes in his path. It had been like that since he was born. And he was warned: he would slowly burn to the point of disappearing completely. So he was walking. What else could he do? What else can we do when we know we're doomed? Walk still, move forward aimlessly, again and again...

What happens if he stops walking? Do you want to stop him?

→ if so, run 2d6 and interpret the results to see what's going on:

  • 10+ phoenix
  • 7-9 apathy
  • 3-6 apocalypse
  • 2 absolutely no chance he'll stop



→ solo or 2 players/teams | 8x8 grid, dominoes, cards

You've been here since birth. This place is your home, but a new people has appeared. Where did it come from? It doesn't matter... These people seem to want to colonize your land...

Take 1 draughts board (8x8 grid), 12 dominoes, and standard cards.

Native: you take the cards. Dominoes are the new people. Draw 1 card, then 1 domino, then 1 card, etc.

!!! Don't read the rest before you play! Read while you're playing!


♥ ♦ The next domino will be placed on a white square.
♣ ♠ The next domino will be placed on a black square.
EVEN: a native becomes friends with a "new" one
ODD: a native person gets into conflict with a "new" one
• if you get more even than odd: diplomatic link formed. Narrate!
• if you get more odd than even: diplomatic incident. Narrate!
• if you get as many even than odd: calm but tensions. Narrate!


Dominoes can overlap two squares on the board.
→ When you draw a domino that follows another that is already placed on the field + the condition of the table of cards matches: you have to put it here (Otherwise place it wherever you want in the field).
→ When all the dominoes are used, look at what they form. If they form a wall that cuts the board in two, it means that the people have invaded you.

(Note that my initial idea is that this creature represents the native that you are, and that I imagined that the people who come to your territory were humanoid, but you are free to imagine what you want.☺)

*you can find a business-sized printable version of this micro-game, gathering four ideas (days 7, 14, 20 & 30) here. Free copies are available.


tales & myths..?

→ 1d6

There are rumours that people are prowling around the region. They are often described as:

  1. hideous
  2. crawlings
  3. mucous
  4. fungals
  5. shapeless
  6. clever

It seems that these are legends... stories that are told to children to make them obedient... but you've been taking a fresh interest in it since you found:

  1. a parchment
  2. engraved stones
  3. a diary
  4. a torn picture
  5. prints in the ground
  6. an unknown substance on the ground

Where does your investigation begin?


you're a loner,

people call you "savage"

→ solo, 1d12

You're a recluse. You live outside the noise of traffic, the invasive smell of fast food, the feeling of oppression in crowded streets, and... the constant light.

You decided to exclude yourself from all this, to live alone. But... you became suspicious. Of everything and everyone.

You just heard a noise, coming from the depths of the night. What could it be? [roll 1d12]

  • 8- You're panicking. What do you imagine? Quickly! Write this down, leave your mark before you possibly disappear.
  • 9 to 11 It is a being you meet everyday in this new place. Who is he? What kind of animal?
  • 12 Your mind has awakened. You can now hear the silence itself. How did you reach this state of consciousness?


remove these futile ornaments from the walls

→ supplement for The Governemnt Versus The Trees, you'll need a draught board (or a 8x8 grid with tokens) | 3+ players

Take the one-page game The Government Versus The Trees, writen by green. Rename "The Government" to "Manu" & "The Trees" with your first name.

Play with this twist:

  • During a Public Outcry, the game is suspended for 4 minutes.
  • A 4th player can play as "The Court". Each turn, he can roll 1d6 and:
    • 1 to 5: hold guilty
    • 6: invoke the state of necessity
    • → Write this result down at each turn and make a count at the end of the game (when Manu wins).

*This idea refers to the second absurd trial against my friend Franzeska, called to Court due to group non-violent actions to remove presidential pictures from French town halls (the message was to show the void of environmental legislation of the french government).


after being a cultist, you're now Its Deity

If you didn't get an answer on the 10th prompt ("you're a cultist"), try again tomorrow.
If you didn't get an answer but you got between 3 and 4, send the 10th game to someone else, then you can play this one if your new-cultist-friend got between 1 and 2.
If you first get 1 or 2, you can directly play this game:

Look in your contact list (phone, web, mails…) for your most fanatical cultist. You’ll send him/her a message to tell him/her how to adapt the world to your venue.

According to the first letter of his first name, you are:

  • A–E: authoritarian
  • F–L: jovial
  • M–Q: exasperate
  • R–V: generous
  • W–Z: humorous

Send it. Afterwards, don't wait for an answer. Go back to your godlike occupations.

*you can find a version to print and fold of this micro-game gathering these two ideas (days 10 & 18) here. Community copies are available.


on the travelling catapult

→ solo, 1d6 + standard cards

Draw 1d6 cards. Each card is a location within the strange vehicle in which you are:

♥ living and conference rooms

♣ engine rooms

♠ control room

♦ variable geometry rooms

The vehicle is equipped with an spectacular catapult:

  • majority of faces cards: the catapult is made for offensive purposes
  • majority of numbers cards: of the catapult is creative (of universe, art...)

According to your draw, what is your role on board? And what will the vehicle do when it arrives at its destination?


today, you don't really control your feet.

Your shoes have all turned into yokai (spirits, animated objects...). The slightest of your steps is then accompanied by a movement that you don't control:

  • sneakers: you're walking faster and faster
  • boots: you're walking noisily
  • safety footwear: you're walking on tiptoes
  • slippers: one foot is walking, the second one is sliding
  • heelshoes: you're walking on a straight line
  • sandals: you're walking to the rhythm of external noises (birds, machines...)
  • city shoes: you're often slowing down

*you can find a business-sized printable version of this micro-game, gathering four ideas (days 7, 14, 20 & 30) here. Free copies are available.


create your own treasure,

to rediscovered it later

→ solo, requires paper and an untidy area or a stack of books

Take a sheet of paper. Cut it into a small size. Take the first pen you see.

- If the pen is smaller than your sheet: write the memory that comes directly to your mind.
- If the pen is greater than your sheet: write your wish of the day.

Be kind to yourself when you're writing.

Stop writing when you no longer have space on the sheet. Place it under a pile of things to organize (books, documents...). You will rediscover this little treasure the day you tidy up (maybe in a long time?).


today, you're not anymore

→ semi-larp, 2+ players

In an appartment:

A person (A) stands back to the door in a dark room. Zie feels a chair lying in front* of zim and then doesn't move. 

Another person (B) stands in the next room, illuminated. Zie can move and invite friends (other than the first person) to play to any game. Zie can move and walk in the apartment, and even enter the dark room. If zie sees the chair, zie stops moving for a few seconds, until zie decides what to do with it. What does zie do with it?

*small larp inspired by the short story "This is death..." by Donald E. Westlake


eyes in eyes

→ requires 2 different dices | 2 players, duel

You are two beings (2 people or 2 groups of people). Stand face to face. Fold an opaque sheet in 3 to create a screen that separates you. Each side rolls a die, hidden by the screen.

Look into each other's eyes.

No one is allowed to speak. 

When one of you is ready: he knocks on the table and then counts to 2. At "2", each one makes a move:

  • closed fist: you say "I claim to be the Ancient" (meaning that you think you have the higher dice result).
  • palm down: you say "i'm not" (meaning that you think you have the lower dice result)

The Ancient wins if you both do the right moves, otherwise you both lose. Only the Ancient can win.

Particular situation: if you both a tie on the dice, you're both Ancients so you both need to have closed fists to win together.


you're going down...

to rediscovered later

→ solo, can only be played during the few seconds before fainting, or during "dizziness" with a semi-awakened dream

You see blurry. You're hot. Your legs are failing. Your body is heavy... You're going down. What emotion dominates you? How do you feel physically?

To wake up, you have to become aware that this reality is only a dream truer than life.


preparing your Grail to become a dragon

→ solo larp cooking, needs to love chocolate | 15 min of preparation, 30 min of cooking

Turn on the oven.

Take the recipient you call Grail.

Mix in 200 grams of flour (or dragon body), 100 g of cane sugar (fire powder), and 1 packet of bicarbonate (sulphur).

By fire, melt 150 g of dark chocolate (dragon's blood) and mix this dark blood in the Grail, carefully pouring 200 g of crystal clear water and 100 g of olive oil (because dragons love it). 

Put your Grail in the oven for 30 orc heartbeats. Then taste the contents of the Grail. Become a dragon. What do you feel?

*a "live action cooking-game" to adapt according to the type of dragon you want to become (add vanilla for a sand dragon, or pears for a fairy dragon, or bananas for a yellow dragon...)



→ solo, requires your fav playlist music

Light or dark? Right now, which side do you think you're on? (or how do you think people see you?). Choose, read the corresponding section and check it out!

The darkness is pulling you in. Everyone only sees your clowny side, but is that all you are?Clarity appeals to you. Everyone thinks you're lonely, but are you?

Take your favorite playlist or a CD: is there more music related to light (that you listen to in a period of happiness) or related to darkness (that you listen to in a period of spleen)? According to your answer, you stay or change side on the chiaroscuro spectrum.


Cover yourself with emotions

with this molecoat (molecule-coat)

→ loot

When you wear this coat, win +1 to all your social dice rolls (empathy, intimidation...). This coat diffuses molecules that help you for any social interaction (oxytocyne and neurotransmitters).

How to get a "molecoat"? As soon as someone lends a clothing to a player or a character without being forced to do so or being aware of this game, it becomes a molecoat during the entire time of the loan. This coat can't be purchased.

It's up to the GM (if there is one) to decide when this rule applies (so it's better if you are the GM and knows this molémanteau rule and applies it "by surprise" to players who are not yet aware of this game).


undesired ride

→ 2 players, instant messaging duel

[player A: human]

You like to make your life easier, to do this you use all the means at your disposal and you don't see the problem if others "help" you to have a easier life. When you see a non-human character (online), you approach them to ask them something:

5- you're insolent

6-66 you're manipulative

67+ you have the dominance, no matter how you talk

[player B: horse]

You're trying to live your life without being bothered. But there are frequently other animals approaching your clan. When a non-horse PJ approaches (connects online), rolls 1d100 before answering them:

15- failure, panic

16-75 mutual observation & you run away

76+ success, you keep your freedom

At your next discussion, replay by switching roles.


fell from the nest

→ solo LARP + writing game, requires a standard cardgame

You have hurt yourself when you fell from the nest. You have a broken wing. What will you be going through?

Go on a walk outside and count the number of feathers you see on the ground (stop counting if you notice more than 13). Remember your number

Go home and draw as many cards as you have counted feathers and

and write down what hardships your character is going through:

♥ unsafe encounter

♦ trap

♣ hostile environment

♠ shortage of resources

End of the game:

At any time, if you draw a card with your number, regardless of the colour of the card, describe a life-saving event (good end: your character is saved). If you don't pick your number, that's the bad end of your adventure. (your character faint).


hugging zombie

hug/infect a friend

→ quick LARP, no material required, just print the card

Break the curse by passing it on to someone else! (Make a surprise hug!)

Catch someone you care about by surprise. Whispers in their ear: "I am a {zombie/vampire/wizard...} and I pass on you my curse!" then give them this card.

*you can find a business-sized printable version of this micro-game, gathering four ideas (days 7, 14, 20 & 30) here. Free copies are available.



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