A downloadable symbiotic relationship

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CW: Body horror!

Available in English & en français.

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1 block tower + 2 players facing each other.

I truly love games that use tools matching their theme and the intended atmosphere. I'm trying to do so with my own games. This one is about:

two characters in symbiosis. You both need your symbiotic partner. But each of you is progressively more and more ill. Your organs are interchangeable: how much will you sacrifice for your partner?

Symbiosis was my submission to the Tiny Tome jam. Symbiosis has been selected and printed in the Tiny Tome book.

I’m very excited to announce that the fundraising campaign for Tiny Tome –the book in which this game has been published– was a great success!

Thanks to 1 497 backers, these 50 two-pages games by 50 authors in one book (A5 size) has been printed. There were a lot of articles and videos talking about it, that’s awesome to see people enjoying this project! And also enjoying the alpha version of my game!


I updated the game by adding a few details and new rules and mecanics. I lately made another slighty change (I removed the "timer" mention in the "Physically Connect" advanced rule).

The alpha version is almost the same as the finale one, you can get a good idea of the game with it.  Have "fun"!


This Alpha version but also the incoming "V1" are both under the Creative Comrades License Agreement (CCLA 0.3). Therefore you can use Symbiosis as a basis for your own games and texts and whatever. You can't do NFTs, blockchains stuff, cryptocurrency, bigotry and discrimination. You can't use it either if you're a corpo.


Thanks to Edaureen Muhamad Nor, my game has been proofread. It was an useful stuff to do because I'm not an English-speaking native person. She'll also have a game printed in the Tiny Tome book! In the meantime, you can check her work on dvaleris.itch.io.

Tiny Tome sounds cool to you but you missed the crowdfunding?

Don't worry. You can still buy it on cardboard.monster/products/tiny-tome


angela / dan, your online symbiotic friend


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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